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Dating Advice For Women

Dating Advice For Women And How To Find Mr. Right

Attracting men to you, and even your finding your perfect mate isn’t as hard as you might think. Not if you’re equipped with a bit of wisdom, which is my goal today… to impart a bit of my own hard-earned wisdom to you. (And maybe a little wisdom from Gandhi.)… Read More

Attract Him

Looking For Mr Right? Discover What Attracts Men Most!

There are good men to be found the world over despite popular claims to the contrary. Just think how much the world’s population has increased since the stone ages! 🙂 Sheer numbers mean there’s an almost limitless pool of men that are not only good men, but strong, honest, loyal… Read More

How to Attract a Guy

A Man’s Perspective on How to Attract a Guy

In needing dating advice from men, many women are really looking to learn what makes a man tick. Furthermore, it’s easy to become discouraged in the world of dating today. Media puts so much pressure on people (women especially) to hold themselves to these unrealistic… Read More

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

What To Get Your New Boyfriend At Christmas

If you’ve been dating someone exclusively for only a short period of time, as the holiday season approaches you may find yourself wondering what to give him for Christmas. This article will give you some great gift ideas to consider that will be a big hit with the new man… Read More